Robin has 10 years of dental marketing experience. She started in 2007 as the marketing director for a small town dental practice (pop 2907) that served an average of 50 new patients a month. In 2016 the same practice welcomed over 2700 new patients. During those years she developed strategies and knowledge about niche marketing in rural Oklahoma. “It’s not the location of your office, it’s both the quality of care and the marketing that will put you on the map. Patients will drive past six different offices to visit the dentist that they believe cares about them and their children. But they won’t know about your practice unless we market it!”

Robin serves as the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Academy of General Dentistry.

Our Team

Robin Jones, Owner

Dennis Whiteman, Media Consultant

Cheryl Payne, Art Director

Our Team meets bi-weekly and reviews your data including: numbers of new patients, reviews, “likes” and social media engagement, statistics from analytics and future plans for campaigns. You are always invited to attend these brain storming meetings in person or via the internet.